book of raOne of the most common facts you will find as you scatter information about a slot game online is how old it actually is and for how long it has been around in terms of engagement and entertainment. Book of Ra happens to be one of those weird games that can’t seem to go away because their developers keep updating it to make it more inviting to a new generation of players.

The best thing about becoming a gambler these days are the choice to embrace a game without risking money and this classic slot game is no exception. A free demo of the game is available on almost every licensed online casino and to get access to it you just need to look for it on the search engine of the website.

Book of Ra Configuration

Although the game has different configurations depending on the casino offering it, one of the most common settings for Book of Ra is the five reels/ 3 winning row combination offering a grand total of nine pay lines. The more you bet on each spin, the more lines will be active.

You can manage your bets manually by picking your own delivery line or you can activate the auto-play feature that gives the slot overall control about how to play your spin. It all comes down to the type of player you are: if you like fast-paced bets with high stakes, auto-play is right on your alley. If you rather think about a little strategy you can manage the game manually.

Devising a Strategy to Play Book of Ra

If you remain undecided about which way to go, you can simply run Book of Ra using the free spin mode, that way you won’t risk money and you will get a better understanding of just how much you can manage a personal approach to the game.

While it’s true that most of the payouts of these slots are always set on 50/50 odds you may be able to notice a pattern on your slot of choice, that way you will be able to device the strategy of your preference to get the best of your play time.

As you can expect from a game with an Egyptian name, the game is full of artistic references dedicated to the mythology of the country combined with classic gambling symbols such as aces, kings, jacks and the number “10”. Give the thematic of the game these symbols offer small payouts than the Egyptian imagery.

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